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How to Do Laundry: A Beginner's Guide

If this is your first time doing your laundry, I applaud you.

Rule #1 is do not forget your cat in the washing machine.

Let’s run you through the step by step process of doing laundry and more importantly how to do it properly. 1. Gather all your dirty laundry. 2. Separate the whites from the colored clothes. When you have color-fast clothes in your laundry, it can stain your whites and you end up having to go shopping again. 3. After separating the whites and the colors, you need to look at the label on your clothes. There is a bunch of symbols and words that don’t always make sense to laundry newbies.

These are the care instructions which must be followed. There are clothes which cannot be washed in hot water while others can only be washed in cold.

There are also those that need to be dry-cleaned (no water). Pay attention to this label to protect your clothes from stretching or shrinking. 4. Check if you have any intense stains and take care of them (ink, gum, blood, oil, sauce, you name it – sort that out first). 5. Laundry machines these days are pretty user friendly. Read the manual if you have time or simply look at the buttons and what they say. 6. Place your clothes, one pile at a time, into the machine. 7. Add a capful or capsule of detergent into the machine. 8. Turn on the machine to the desired setting. 9. The machine will fill up and start its magic. 10. The machine begins on wash’ and then spin’ to get rid of excess water. 11. Remove the clothes and put them in a dryer if available. If this is not available, you can hang them on the clothing line. 12. Once dry, you can iron based, once again, on the care label (some clothes are not meant to be ironed). 13. Fold and place in your drawer or closet or hang on the clothes hangers. 14. Take a step back and hi-five or hug yourself for a job well done. A point to remember is that you need to clean out the lint collector after every other dryer use. We don't want anyone's house catching on fire!

In addition, do a thorough check of the machine after use because your mom can tell you that it has a habit of eating socks. That is how you do your laundry – class dismissed.

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